How it all began

Hello to all my canine loving friends! My name is Brittni Scott and I am the founder of Paw Play. I have been an animal lover since before I could walk. I grew up in Washington state, where I would bring home stray animals all the time! My mom and I helped save birds from dying, and fed the squirrels in our yard. My dad always caved when I would walk in with a new cat or bunny. It's so crazy the power a daughter has over a dad with one sad pathetic look, poor guy! As I grew up, I knew that I was meant to work with animals, dogs specifically. I started by reading breed books, watching animal planet non stop, and volutneering at local shelters. 

 I moved to California with my amazing husband and dogs years ago, on the path to change and following my passions. Over the last 10 years, I worked in a mix of industries, but always came back to the ultimate goal: bettering the lives of animals. So I started walking dogs, sitting for friends, carefully trying out grooming techniques on our dogs and learning basic training. I instantly fell in love with it all and couldn't imagine doing anything else with my time! It is such a great joy to see the look on a dog owner's face when they pick their baby up from daycare or boarding and have a huge smile because they know how much fun their little guy or gal had (I send lots of pictures) and how safe they were with Paw Play. I am very lucky to be able to offer this type of environment to local pups and their devoted owners! 

I want to introduce our dogs because they are the main inspiration for Paw Play. We rescued a Dachshund/Corgi 7 years ago and named her Lulu. Now we have 3 wonderful rescues, including our boys Toby and Duffy, both terrier mixes. We are thankful to have them in our lives, they sure add a lot of color! As most dogs owners will say, "My dog is my child" and that couldn't be more true! Why have a dog if you can't spoil them and treat them like family. 

With the help from my husband and my supportive staff, I look forward to continuing down this path for all of your canine needs. Thanks for reading, we hope to see you soon!